Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recipes wanted

I live in Isla Margarita and am developing classical European dishes using local ingredients. Firstly,I would love to have your comments on anything you have tried that has been a great success or a disaster!! Secondly, your Grandmother's recipes should be preserved for future generations!!! Here you can submit them for me to try in my kitchen and comment on them. The best will hopefully be used on this website and later possibly in a book ,so keep a photo of Grandma if you have one! These would be subject to me finding the correct ingredients of course.We have the best chocolate in the world here but I have to get my vanilla pods from Martinique!!. There are no ripe fresh peaches here so I substitute mango .Peaches poached in sauternes with vanilla pod and then chilled gives a delicious light dessert that everyone loves.
Fresh passion fruits are often used here, as like cranberries they are a bit tart, but with some of the seeds removed the juice can be used in a sauce for a poached fish,and of course sweetened to use making an ice cream or sorbet.

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